EasyEclipse Server Java

EasyEclipse Server Java 1.2

EasyEclipse Server Java is used for server side Java application development
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EasyEclipse Server Java, version 1.2 is used for Java application development on server side such as JavaServer Pages, EJBs and Web Services.
While developing server-side Java application code with the help of eclipse, a number of plugins are required. This latest version of EasyEclipse Server Java includes a number of plugins to manage different application servers like Tomcat, JBoss and WebLogic. These plugins help to develop on some server side frameworks such as Struts and Java Server Faces. It also helps to manipulate common file types on servers like HTML, XML and JSPs. Some of the mandatory tools for Java development integrated in this packaged software are Edit, compile, run, debug, test, refactor, document and deploy Java applications. It also contains common libraries for various Eclipse projects. EasyEclipse Server Java 1.2 also includes the necessary Java development tools that are required for server-side applications. ‘Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher’ is one such tool which is used to Start, stop, and manage Tomcat and WAR files without leaving the Eclipse environment. It also includes JBoss IDE with AOP and EJB3, some Hibernate Tools, Weblogic Server Plugin for Eclipse and some Eclipse J2EE tools which are all necessary for server side java application development. In brief, now there’s no need to waste your time and energy in downloading these necessary items when all the plugins and tools required for the java application development are all packaged in this single software. Often we face some common problems like very large downloads with so many plugins that we don’t require. In some cases there might be too many similar types of plugins and we are really confused. A general problem you often face is version incompatibility between plugins and the Eclipse platform or other plugins. Now there is an end to all such problems and confusions - EasyEclipse Server Java 1.2 distribution contains all the necessary plugins, tools and essential utilities.

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  • Each distribution contains each and everything you need to start Java application development, without any additional downloads
  • All the necessary plugins, tools and essential utilities required for Java application development on server side using Eclipse are integrated in this prepackaged software


  • The font of ‘Java Editor Text Font’ is not set up correctly. Its ‘courier new’ by default does not support Chinese characters
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